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Johnson Matthey case study

Johnson Matthey, a speciality British FTSE 100, chemicals company had been based in Hatton Garden since 1817.

Aviva Investors case study

Aviva Investors is a global Asset management business dedicated to building and providing clients with focussed investment solutions.

What is Crepuscular Contracting?

Modern commercial buildings are complex environments, not only in terms of the functions they perform and the workforce they service, but in their fabric, building services and equipment. To further complicate this process, downtime to access and undertake necessary repair and maintenance work in occupied buildings is narrowing. As office demands change, out-of-hours working has become synonymous with the process of FM management, typical to this type of work is short contracts and poor on-site supervision, tending to inflate prices and exaggerate prime costs. Crepuscular Contracting is the professional management and administration of all activities undertaken outside of normal working hours.