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From the outset of any project, our highly experienced workplace consultants will examine your space and technology in the finest detail to assess the way in which you work together. Before drawing any conclusions on how your project should be carried for ward, we examine your business, probe efficiency and energy levels, listen to the individuals, analyse your technology, observe the way in which your teams talk to each other and audit facilities to see how staff come and go, eat, drink and socialise.

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Only then can we sit down with the designers and project team to plan the absolute optimum solution with you.

We consciously avoid developing an "in house" style and instead concentrate on developing an understanding of a Client's specific needs and allowing our highly skilled designers to flourish within a managed environment.

Our teams offer consultation and guidance on every aspect of a building's interior from space planning, to the commissioning of works of art and have expertise in all market sectors. By engaging Clients in our collaborative process, we are able to create world class working environments that are 100% appropriate to your company's individual requirements.

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